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We wanted to thank you for the time and care you gave us. Words are inadequate to communicate just how grateful we are. You put us at such ease and it so helped to speak with someone on the other side and outside of this mess. Our lives were touched by yours. Thank you also for the book (The Church and the Surprising Offense of God’s Love by Jonathan Leeman). I have begun reading it, hoping it will help me figure out what a healthy church should look like. KLM

We have been in a SG church for 22 years. We saw many changes during our tenure at our church. The church we joined wasn’t the church we left. We were young when we came. We were hopeful, full of energy. Let’s do life with this group! These were our dreams.
We left heartbroken, disillusioned, and fragile…and middle age! Bob Dixon was accidentally discovered during an internet search.We had made the decision to leave our church because we believed they were walking in deceit and not intending to separate from SGM. For 6 years we struggled with big issues, all revolving around the church. How does an ordained pastor get fired? How did our church allow such power to reside in the senior pastor? How did people receive harmful counsel about abusive spouses? How did our pastors ‘get away’ with such nonsense?! These things were just a few things we wrestled with for years all the while watching many of our friends and family leave the church. And the odd thing, nobody asked why. Why not? Because people didn’t get involved if it was not related to their world.
Our family was not well. We had not received pastoral care that gave us confidence in our “sweetest place on earth.” All trust was lost. We were ready to break. I pulled the fire alarm and sent an email to Bob. Here it is…
Hi Bob. I won’t make this long but I need some help. … We are all falling apart and I have to do something before something awful happens. Can you lead me to anyone who can help us?… (my husband) He doesn’t trust ANYONE. Thanks Bob. Pray for us.
Bob emailed me right away. I was truly amazed that some stranger would offer to help us. My husband agreed to one meeting with Bob but that’s all it took for our friendship to begin. He read my husband well. He knew he wasn’t ready to be counseled; he just needed to be heard. He skillfully opened up our minds to handle a simple truth. “You have been deceived.”
Maybe this is overstating it, but it reminded me of the WW2 photos of people being liberated by the Americans from the concentration camps. They were dazed as they tried to conceive that this nightmare was over. That’s how I felt. Are we really going to get the help we need to get out of this place?
Yes! God worked through Bob and his family (his daughter came down with him to spend extended time with our two older children!) He carefully walked us through and listened to the Holy Spirit. He spoke when we could hear it and held back when we couldn’t. We began to trust him and open up more as the time went on. He met with us when we asked for a meeting with the leadership and was critical in keeping the meeting on course. We had an advocate!
We still have so much healing ahead, but he has successfully helped us to transition out of deception. We are hopeful. Our story hasn’t ended in divorce, our family is still intact. We have a few ‘bruises and bumps’ because of rough seas, but Bob held his post in the lighthouse and helped us navigate our way to safe harbor.
Bob, Thank you for fulfilling your purpose to ‘go back for the dead and wounded.’ Thank you for making the time to help a broken family. Thank you for living out of your spiritual giftings and not trying to fix us in your own power. Thank you for utilizing God’s word in every encounter and reminding us relentlessly that God is with us.
I hope to have the opportunity to do the same for the next person who needs help. It only seems right to comfort as we have been comforted. Ex-pastor and wife – 7/24/12

I want to thank you for your help. After many years of hearing that counseling is not necessary, as well as, other advice that dissuaded me from getting the help I needed in my marriage; the information you gave me, the way you talked to me, and the straight forward truths you spoke, gave me courage and hope. Your counsel proved vital in preparing me for all that I had to do this past week. Now, I have much more peace knowing I am doing the right things, even though this is an extremely difficult time in my life.Thank you for helping me. I now realize we each have a responsibility before God to do what we believe is right. Sometimes it is absolutely necessary to do the hard things in order for God to break in and heal, restore, and repair the damage done as a result of years of wrong teaching and wrong application. God bless you and thank you so much. There is amazing peace that comes when I know I am doing what is right. God be with you and thank you,  MP

During our first month of marriage, the church we currently attended completely disintegrated and went through an ugly split. Needless to say, we were both rocked; our core paradigm regarding many components of church life was completely called into question, i.e. priesthood of the believer, authority of leaders, authority of the church, relational difficulties, shunning, etc. Bob counseled and helped us through that most difficult time. Bob’s counseling ultimately pointed us to Christ, which enabled us to see clearly, the multiple areas in which we were previously deceived in our thinking and needed to have our minds renewed. Bob was instrumental in getting us refocused on Christ and extending grace and forgiveness to others.   Thank you so much,  GR & TR

My son (TJ) and I went to Bob for counseling recently, and I found him to be a compassionate listener and one who asked good questions. Bob was less interested in giving an answer as he was in allowing my son to explore his thoughts out loud. Even so, he was not reluctant to challenge TJ when those thoughts became tangled. Bob chose a good meeting place for the three of us to talk; comfortable, relaxed, neutral, and my son seemed to be at ease immediately. Bob listened carefully and with patience. He was not in a hurry and asked questions that helped my son continue, even when it was difficult. While the focus of our time together was on TJ, Bob included me several times with questions like, “What do you think?” “Is that how it seemed to you?” Without setting an end time on our meeting, Bob knew when the most productive conversation had occurred. TJ has always appreciated his time spent with Bob, and I am indebted to him.    BK

When I met with Bob Dixon I was pleasantly surprised to encounter an individual with remarkably clear and concise advice. He listened intently to my perspective and made helpful comments along the way. Tackling my problems alongside me, he was the perfect balance of attentiveness and thoughtfulness. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for solid biblical counseling.   BT

I am impressed with Bob’s compassion and skill in helping people work through the perplexing and confusing issues surrounding spiritually abusive relationships. He listens so intently and is so insightful as he crafts sound biblical solutions for the path forward for hurting individuals. He comes along side individuals so effectively to help them see the lies and unhelpful thinking that is often behind oppressive, unfounded guilt and/or bitterness, and shows them the path to freedom found only in Christ. Freedom to walk in life, characterized by faith, love, trust, and confidence in God, are the things Bob helped me to see. Since my counseling experience, I have new hope and am secure in the knowledge of God’s unconditional love and all encompassing care for me. I now realize, the conflicts of my past should not define who I am today.    SA

Bob Dixon is a man who loves God’s Word and His people. His desire is to see people healed through the power of the gospel and the application of God’s grace. Bob’s compassion, integrity, and godly insight are being used by the Lord to help people restore and rebuild their lives. His wise and discerning counsel encouraged us and gave us clear direction for the future.      KTD

Bob Dixon counseled my wife and me, almost every day for a challenging 3-year season of life, from 2006-2008. After my wife and I were married for 5 years, my troubled, hidden life style of deep-rooted sin and infidelity came into the light as my marriage came to an apparent end. However, God spoke clearly to my wife “not to go,” and shortly thereafter, God provided Bob as help for our marriage. Through Bob’s wisdom and guidance we were able to persevere through the very painful process of rebuilding a Christ-centered marriage. Bob tirelessly served my family as God began to tear down and re-build. Although, this time was very difficult on many levels, those years were also full of the sweet Aroma of Christ. Bob’s wise and patient counsel always reflected the Father’s Love. This paradigm of the “heart of our Father” is what always made my wife feel at peace during one of life’s worst storms imaginable. After a long, hard journey, on March 20, 2008, my wife and I renewed our wedding vows before God. Nine months later the Lord gave us the gift of our first son, born on Christmas Eve 2008.     MM

I believe what makes Bob Dixon an effective Christian counselor is the unique gift the Lord has given him to help others through difficult issues. However, what makes Bob truly an effective counselor is not only his Godly wisdom and God-given gifts, but his heart to serve Jesus as he endeavors to help others. This selfless desire to serve Jesus by serving others was reflected each time my wife and I would offer our deepest gratitude for the many nights and hours he spent walking alongside us. Bob would always say, “This is a privilege for me.” The way Bob persevered with my wife and I, you could tell …. he meant what he said!     MA